Make your customer’s experience better with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Опубликовано 5 апреля 2019 г.

Creating personalized customer service can have a profound positive impact on your business. Providence St. Joseph has designed their entire business around building a great customer experience for patients trying to navigate complicated healthcare systems. But the St. Joseph team was missing a key component of that experience—knowing their patients. Iron Neo can help your business incorporate the tools you need to create a great customer journey. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, St. Joseph was able to better connect with patients by streamlining access to patient data. When a patient calls their center, their operator can immediately see information on the patient’s call history, helping operators become familiar with patients quickly and get them the services they need faster. Your business should be engaging customers better, to do that, let us and Microsoft help you integrate the customer service solution you need. Email us for more.