Federation Internationale de Volleyball uses Dynamics 365 to digitally transform consumer marketing

Опубликовано 5 апреля 2019 г.

Volleyball is both a widely played and widely viewed sport, spanning distance, languages, and generations. And yet, it lacks the comradery and respect that popular sports typically generate. This, in large part, can be attributed to the inconsistent fan experience, and the lack of access to unified content. But the team at the Federation Internationale de Volleyball believes that a cohesive platform and experience has the power to radically transform public perception of volleyball as a high-level sport. Through the power of technology, they hope to bring players the widespread respect they deserve. Federation Internationale de Volleyball is using Dynamics 365 to transform consumer marketing and connect volleyball fans around the world. To find out how you can use modern business apps to transform your business and better connect with customers, contact us today.