Karrick Learns to Read with Immersive Reader

Reading is a fundamental skill required for success in school and life. It stretches far beyond the English classroom and into every single subject a student will encounter. As a cornerstone of communication, reading and writing are how we humans have shared ideas for thousands of years. Everyone should have access to that information, and technology has the potential to revolutionize reading for those who have characteristically been overlooked. 

Karrick Johnson struggled more than other kids his age when learning to read, leading to the discovery by his parents that he was dyslexic. He was self-conscious and refused to voluntarily read in class, and this may have continued if not for the suggestion of a fellow classmate. This classmate led Karrick to discover Immersive Reader, a tool designed to help people like him better focus and read fluently. With this newfound tool, Karrick’s confidence and love for reading has flourished.  

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